Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lately I have been working on getting Breeonna geared. I have her gearscore up to 4.5K now and still need about 225 more Emblem of Triumph to go as far as I can with Triumph. That would be my 2 Trinkets, new chest and one of the 245 pieces. I am only going to get 1 of the 245 pieces because I don't want to lose the 4 set bonus I am getting on the 232 set I have.

I have also been doing daily's on Breeonna, Brieanna and Brieonna, mostly the cooking, fishing and daily heroic dungeon. I can't do the daily cooking or fishing on Breeonna yet but I have been doing the The Sons of Hodir and Knights of the Ebon Blade daily's on her since I finished the prereque quest line for each.

Our guild doesn't look like it is going to be raiding, at least not the morning slot during the week, which is my night, so I am either going to have to give up on raiding or find another guild. I really don't want to find another guild because I like this one so hopefully something will work out with the raiding. Raiding is the only way I am going to get the better gear I want.


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