Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Breeonna - Level 70 Elemental Shaman

I worked on Breeonna a little tonight and got her to level 70, I am about half way through it. I also got her the Tome of Cold Weather Flight so she is flying in Northrend now.

I did some questing and some random dungeons tonight. The last one I was in, I was in for about 1 1/2 hours... We kept wiping on the last boss. We went through 3 healers on that boss and a total of 5 healers throughout the dungeon. It is not a hard dungeon. The healers just couldn't seem to get the concept that the last boss can silence you if you are casting when he roars. They would get silenced, the tank, a squishy DK, would die and then the rest of us would die.

I finally got a level 80 Paladin from our guild to come in and heal and we got it done. I probably could have reached level 71 if I hadn't wasted so much time in there, but it got to be a mission to finish it. I lead DPS throughout the entire run in that one.