Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shealin - Level 50 Fire Mage 8/7/10

I got on Shealin for a little while this afternoon and got her to level 50. It has been a couple weeks since I last logged on, I have been pretty busy.

I did a run through Blackrock Depths Prison and that got me leveled to 50. Me and another person from my server leveled to 50 at the exact same instant and everyone thought we were doing "Recruit A Friend" but we didn't even know each other, it was just a coincidence. Anyway that got me to level 50 and I teleported to Darnassus to learn to make a portal to Darnassus, then teleported to Ironforge to get my Mage training.

I did part of a quest in Tanaris while I was on too but didn't get to finish it in the time I had. I talked to a few people who were wondering where I had been. I had a lot more time on my hands before and was on all the time, now I am lucky to get on for a few hours every weekend. I am planning to get on tomorrow and get a few more hours in, I have a lot of rested XP and might be able to get to level 52.