Friday, April 24, 2009

Blood Is Thicker

Today the daily fishing quest from Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran, was Blood Is Thicker. This one is so easy it's funny.

Here's how I do this one. I fly to the flight path in Unu'pe then head inland until I am just past the snow belt, around 76,43. For those without coords, just fly straight inland from the flight path until you get past the snow and look for a Marsh Caribou to kill. Killing one will cover you in blood for 3 minutes. (Note: Killing one of these, or any other animal the Druids don't approve of killing, might not cover you in blood, it has taken me up to 4 kills to get covered since patach 3.1)

Fly straight back to the shore and jump in the water around 79,51. This will create a blood pool and also remove the blood from you. All you have to do after that is fish the blood pool until you have 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy. This usually takes 2 casts as you get 2 or 3 a cast, usually 3. Head back to Dalaran and turn them in to Marcia Chase for your Bag of Fishing Treasures.

I take the flight path from Krasus' Landing in Dalaran to Unu'pe and the flight is the longest part of the whole quest lol. You can easily complete this in a couple minutes after you land in Unu'pe. I have also had someone land and fish out of my blood pool while I was fishing it, so it looks like you really don't even need to kill anything or get covered in blood, just fish a blood pool if there is one there.

Good Luck :)



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