Friday, May 1, 2009

The Ghostfish

I finally got The Ghostfish for my daily fishing quest today. Another easy one but a little more time consuming for the traveling and all.

I flew out to the flight point at River's Heart in Sholozar Basin, then headed up to the top of the cliff to the north. I found a log to stand on at 49,55 and started fishing for the mysterious Phantom Ghostfish.

I got Gomorra's Phantom Ghostfish on his 8th cast there. You don't need to fish from a school to catch these as they come attached to other fish you catch. Once you catch one you need to eat it right away, they are on a timer and only last 60 seconds. They start clocking as soon as you loot them. Eating it will complete the quest. If you don't eat it within 60 seconds it will disappear, so pay attention, they look just like Pygmy Suckerfish with a slightly different color. Wranngar got his Phantom Ghostfish on his 11th cast there.

When you eat the Phantom Ghostfish you get a buff that puts you into a state called Invisibility. It lasts for 15 seconds or until you break it by doing anything. If you have ever seen The Lord of the Rings, this is like when Frodo puts on the ring, it looks just like that. I will have to get a screen shot of it the next time this one comes up in the lineup. (screen shot added 5/7/09)

All you have to do after that is hand it back in where you got it, Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran. She will reward you with a Bag of Fishing Treasures that can contain anything from pets to epic items to junk and anything in between. Today Wranngar's had a New Age Painting signed by Marcia Chase. As priceless as that seemed, a vendor managed to put a price on it, 25 gold.


Paul said...

Everything has a price in World of Warcraft, even the useless, mundane items.

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