Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shealin - Level 48 Fire Mage - 7/18/10

I didn't have time to play much at all this week. I got on for a half hour here, an hour there but didn't really get much done on Shealin.

I did have a few hours between last night and this morning though, and got her to level 48. I did only dungeons this morning as the wait time was really low so I could get in fast. I did dungeons and some questing last night.

I am still stuck in Maraudon for the most part. I did 3 runs through Orange and one through Yellow last night along with one run through Zul'Farrak, which we queued into, and one run through Blackrock Depths, which we queued into. I was with a pretty good group last night and we stuck together, running dungeon after dungeon. I got a lot of XP from that. I hit 48 last night.

Today I did one and a half runs though Maraudon Yellow. About half way through the first run I started getting bad lag and really high latency, around 1200ms. I stuck it out even though I thought I was going to disconnect a couple times I was lagging so bad. After I got out I logged out and back in and my latency was good again, around 300ms. I queued for another dungeon, got Maraudon Yellow again and made it about half way though that before the lag hit me again. It got so bad I would freeze up for a full minute and when I unfroze everyone would be gone, onto the next mobs. I finally made it though that one too though. When I got out my latency was normal and the lag was gone.

I decided to try one more and got Temple of Atal'Hakkar, a.k.a. Sunken Temple. That went pretty well until we got down into the middle area, then the lag hit worse than ever. After 5 minutes of that I finally disconnected and didn't bother logging in again. I might try to log on for a while again tonight, I'm not sure.


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