Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eye of the Storm 5/29/09

Eye of the Storm was the daily battleground today. I picked it up in Dalaran on Wranngar. We won the first battle I was in with a 3 cap and some flag running. I stayed for 4 more battles, 3 wins and one loss.

In the first battle I was in we had a 3 cap going with DR, MT & FRR and a 4 cap going on and off with BET. We would get it and lose it, get it and lose it, but that is good, it kept all the Horde at BET fighting for it and we were able to hold the other 3 nodes without any trouble and run the flag.

The 3rd and 4th battles I was in we had a 4 cap. Not a Perfect Storm but a 4 cap none the less. We started with MT, DR and FRR in both battles and eventually got and held BET. We were running the flag in both those as well. The Alliance seemed to be doing pretty good up to that point.

In the 5th battle I was in you could tell nap time was over. We got slaughtered. Half the people didn't even get off the rock and were saying to just let them win. The Horde won on a 4 cap on that one but I fought throughout the entire battle anyway.

It seems like there is a certain time of day when the good PvP players stop playing and the kids and weekend warriors take over. I didn't check to see if EoS is this weekends battleground but I kind of doubt it is because the play in the first 4 battles was good, not the type of fighting you get from weekend warriors.


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