Friday, November 20, 2009

Alterac Valley - Daily Battleground 11/19/09

The daily battleground today was Alterac Valley. It also happened to be Alterac Valley's Holiday weekend and you know what that means, all the weekend warriors and twice the AFK. Unbelievably we won the first one I was in. I ended up fighting in 31 battles on Wranngar, 16 wins and 15 losses so we were running about 50%, although we had a long losing streak followed by a winning streak.

We won most of the battles by killing Drek but also won a few on reinforcements. We had the usual problems, a lot of AFK, people taking SHGY and causing us to get wiped out at Frostwolf Keep and the Alliance not working together. Usually at the start of the battle people will come up with a plan. It seems like most people agree with it. Then the gate goes up and people are spitting out other plans. That is where it falls apart because people no longer know what we are doing..... If the Alliance could just pick a plan and stick to it, like I am sure the Horde do most times, we could win a lot more. I am beginning to believe the rumor that the Alliance is made up of mostly children.

We did a few The Alterac Blitz but that fell apart when the group changed too much. You get to pretty much stay with the same group of people for awhile if you re-queue right away but eventually it filters out. We did them right in a row but then the group got too thin, including people who said you can't do the Blitz in a pug group....

I fought in 2 Wintergrasp battles too, both of them wins. We were defending in both battles and did a fine job :). I needed 5 more Wintergrasp Mark of Honor to get my Titan-Forged Rune of Determination. That replaced my Medallion of the Alliance.

All in all I ended up getting 1,471 honorable kills and 51,200 honor so it was a pretty good day.


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