Monday, November 9, 2009

Blood is Thicker and Convention at the Legerdemain 11/9/09

I got on Wranngar and got my daily's done between battlegrounds. The daily cooking today was Convention at the Legerdemain and the fishing was Blood Is Thicker, a couple real easy, quick ones. I did a few battlegrounds yesterday and I think I'm hooked again.

I did the cooking first as usual. I ran to the bank and grabbed 4 Chilled Meat, to make my Northern Stew, then I was off to One More Glass, the wine and cheese shop in Dalaran for a Jug of Wine. I found the wine upstairs today. I headed over to see Arille Azuregaze, the bartender at The Legerdemain after that. He gave me 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag for the stew and wine. Today my Small Spice Bag had 5 Northern Spices, 3 Baby Spice and another Dalaran Cooking Award in it. Not a bad haul for this one today.

I did the fishing after that. I took the flight path to Un'upe then flew half way out to the icebergs before I remembered I was doing Blood is Thicker today. I turned around and flew inland until I found a Marsh Caribou to kill. Killing that got me covered in blood so I flew back to the shore and jumped in to wash it off and create a Blood Pool. I fished the Blood Pool until I had 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy, then headed back to see Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran. I gave her the 5 Bloodtooth Frenzy and she gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Today my Bag of Fishing Treasures had 10g99s95c, a Glow Worm, a Diamond-tipped Cane and 2 Runic Mana Potions in it. Not the best haul today but I have had worse. I will keep plugging away because I know there are still some good stuff to be had from this daily, like the Jeweled Fishing Pole. I wouldn't use it, it is definitely a chick pole but I want it to add to my collection.

Back to the battlegrounds.


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