Sunday, November 8, 2009

Battlegrounds 11/08/09

I did some battlegrounds on Wranngar today. It didn't take me long to remember why I stopped doing battlegrounds... The daily battleground today was Call to Arms: Isle of Conquest. It took us 6 battles to get a win, it was some pretty poor playing and a lot of AFK. It is obvious Blizzard is doing nothing about the AFK problem as it is worse now that it ever was. If they are trying to do something about it they are failing horribly.

Isle of Conquest was a new battleground to me, not even sure when it showed up but it was today's daily. It seems to be similar to Wintergrasp where you have a keep you try to defend while trying to get into the other sides keep. There are bases and a workshop to fight over too. More bases gives you more reinforcements. One difference is there is a General in the keep you can kill to win the game before the reinforcements run out, so that is another way to win it. Not that we were doing much winning, we lost 5 and won 1. And even the one we won was really close, as a matter of fact we were losing on reinforcements when we killed the Horde's General. Anyway I finally got it done and collected 19g86s and 1241 bonus honor.

I fought in one Alterac Valley today too, it was a win. I had nothing to do with that though, I got in at the end of it and was on my way to Frostwolf Keep when we won it, I didn't even see the enemy.

I fought in 2 Eye of the Storm battles and they were just sad. A lot of Flagtards in those 2 battles. When you only have one tower, which you are in the process of losing, you don't need to have 12 of the 15 people on your team at the flag. Also when the battle starts you don't need to have 3/4 of your team run to the flag. Towers win over the flag every time but a lot of people are just too stupid to realize that. The flag is to EoS what Glav is to AV, something to distract the stupid. Nothing has changed in EoS...


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