Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Wandering Around 11/8/09

I got on Wranngar early this morning to get my daily's from yesterday out of the way. Funny thing, because of the time change here the daily's I did were for the 7th, not the 6th as I thought, so I was unable to pick up the daily's. Not sure when they roll over now. Anyway I just wandered around. I went over to the Barren's to see if I could get Rocklance to drop Recipe: Savory Deviate Delight but he wasn't around.

After that I just wandered around some. There was no one on at all. I went long stretches without seeing anyone. I wandered around Eastern Kingdom some then headed to the Outlands for awhile. There was nothing going on there either. I could have done my daily's for the Knights of the Ebon Blade and The Sons of Hodir but I just wasn't into it, I will do them all when I get on later after they roll over. I did stop by to see Terokkarantula while I was in the Bonewastes. He's a level 65 elite you get a quest for there.

I will get on later and do all my daily's.


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