Thursday, April 24, 2008

Battlegrounds 4/23/08

The Alliance wasn't doing as well in the battlegrounds today as they were yesterday. I had Wranngar in 5 battles in AV, 4 losses and 1 win. The strat that seemed to be causing the most trouble was the "Get Galv first" strat. That usually ended in a wipe and everyone being sent back to Dun Baldar. The rush FWRH strat doesn't seem to be working anymore either. We got our win tonight by getting IBGY, then 3 towers, FWRH and finally Drek. I don't think we ever got Galv in that battle. There was one battle where we held SHGY for some reason, keeping all the Horde in from of us so we couldn't advance or cap any towers. I tanked Drek at the end of the battle we won while there was still a tower up. It went pretty smooth and we took him down fast and easy. I don't know why everyone couldn't have worked together like that before, we would have had less losses.


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