Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wranngar AV 4/10/08

I did 10 AV's on Wranngar today, 2 wins and 8 losses :(. The Alliance is still having a hard time in AV. One problem I noticed is not guarding things while they are capping. Frostwolf Graveyard for example, we lost FWGY 4 or 5 times today because everyone will rush to it, fight for it, claim it, then move on and leave one or two people to guard it. Being a strategic graveyard the Horde will ALWAYS come and try to reclaim it. One or two people guarding it might as well be none when 10 to 12 Horde show up to get it back. Then they move on to Frostwolf and wipe out anyone there capping towers and FWRH. Next thing you know we are all back in Bun Baldar. Meanwhile the Horde seem to have adjusted well to the changes and are right back up to speed while the Alliance is still floundering and holding SH. Today we had a lot of people that wanted to do Galv first and of course a couple times they did, that was a guaranteed loss. The best way to do Galv is simply have the teams that capped TP & IBT go and kill him after the towers cap. If you do Galv first you lose a lot of time that could be better spent capturing a tower, capturing a graveyard, capturing FWRH or just about anything else. Someone said they like the honor from Galv. It is 62 honor, if they like that honor they should try winning. Anyway in the 2 games we did win we rushed FWGY, capping the towers on the way, then got Galv while the FWRH and East and West Frostwolf Towers were capping. We then moved on to Drek. I tanked him a couple times today, one of which was actually a win :). But for most of the battles we never even made it to Drek. We were having the same problem of people going off to do their own thing, people defending and turtling at SH and a lot of AFK. It seems like the AFK problem is getting worse despite Blizzard's assurance they are doing something about it. I think what is happening with the AFK is everyone is so sick of reporting the same people day after day in the battlegrounds and still seeing those people in there that they have stopped reporting them. "Why bother nothing gets done anyway" seems to be the attitude. Once again the strategy that seems to still be working is rush FWGY, defend it until it caps, while some people drop off along the way to take the towers and kill Galv after the towers cap. Move on to FWRH and FW Towers, leaving enough people guarding FWGY to hold it, then moving onto Drek after the towers cap. FWGY is one that we want to control when we go after Drek because it keeps any Horde that show up to defend Drek from rezzing too close to Frostwolf Keep. You can also go the IBGY, TP & IBT route, that seems to work too as long as the majority of people are on offense and some people continue on to FWGY, FWRH and the FW Towers. Having IBGY helps to keep more people on offense and not having everyone that dies get stuck in Dun Baldar. Even though we do so poorly at it AV is still my favorite battleground.


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