Sunday, May 4, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/3/08

I did 3 AV's today, 1 win and 2 losses. I did these on Wranngar. The first loss was pretty much a turtle but I got a lot of kills from it. I stayed in Dun Baldar and defended. Wranngar broke the 33,000 lifetime kill mark today :). In the second loss it looked like we had it, we were going to win on reinforcements. We had a couple hundred left and the Horde had less than 30 when they killed Vann with one tower still up. I guess them killing Vann never crossed anyone's mind because they were already spending those 3 marks lol. In the win we had we got IBGY, FWGY, TP & IBT. Then we moved on to FWRH & the E & W FW Towers. When those had burned we took out Drek. The Frostwolf Relief hut hadn't capped yet but that did not turn out to be a problem.


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