Saturday, May 24, 2008

Scholomance 5/23/08

I helped out a group in Scholomance on Wranngar today. They were looking for a tank in trade chat and I wasn't doing anything so I decided to help out. It was a Paladin quest for the Paladin mount. It was a pretty good run, no wipes and only one death, a Warlock that auto-targeted the wrong thing. We only had to go to the basement which wasn't too far in and clear that then the Paladin did a summoning ritual which got the doors locked behind us. Then we had to defeat 3 or 4 waves of "ghosts" and a Deathknight. When it was all over the Paladin got his epic mount so he was pretty happy. It was a very smooth run, one of the smoothest I have had in Scholomance. We had a full group of 5.


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