Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Battlegrounds 7/22/08

Today's daily battleground was Alterac Valley. Out of the 4 battlegrounds Alterac Valley is my favorite even though we don't win too often in there. I fought in 3 battles on Wranngar, 2 losses and one win. The first 2 battles we didn't do too good in. The first one we managed to get FWGY, the 2 Frostwolf Towers and had just gotten the relief hut when the Horde killed Vann. We didn't have a chance of winning that one as we didn't have IBT or TP and it didn't appear anyone was working on them so even if we got the relief hut we couldn't have taken Drek down. You can take Drek down with 2 towers up if you have a good group, this wasn't a good group. The second battle was even worse. In the second battle people were holding SHGY while we had SFGY so the Horde were in front of us the whole time. On top of that everyone was screaming to get Galv who is a small player in AV. So while everyone was concentrating on holding SHGY and getting Galv, who had at least half the Horde team defending him, the rest of the Horde walked into Dun Baldar, killed the AFK, and basically took it eventually killing Vann. That is usually what happens when Alliance holds SHGY, they leave Dun Baldar wide open. We weren't doing great in the third battle either but we won it. In that battle we rushed IBGY and wiped, then we regrouped again and got it. We got IBT and TP then someone took SHGY again which almost cost us the battle but we were able to hold onto IBGY and move forward to take FWGY. At this point 3/4 of the Horde team were turtling in Frostwolf Keep, the only place they had to rez was FWRH. In a long drawn out fight we were able to take the 2 towers and finally FWRH. By this time the Horde had SPGY and were moving into Dun Baldar. This wasn't a really big problem as they still had 3/4 of their team in Frostwolf Keep and didn't have enough in Dun Baldar to take down Vann if they got to him. As soon as we had FWRH capping so the Horde couldn't rez there we went after Drek. We had all 4 towers down so he didn't have any Warmasters with him. We took him down pretty quick for the win.


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