Sunday, August 10, 2008

Battlegrounds 8/10/08

Another really bad day in the battlegrounds for the Alliance. I fought in 11 battles on Wranngar, 3 wins and 8 losses. Surprisingly two of the wins involved holding SHGY believe it or not, I couldn't. We held SHGY and moved forward to take IBGY, the towers, FWGY, FWRH and finally Drek in one and the other we won on reinforcements. We got Galv in both of them so there was some good honor involved. I have no need for honor at the moment but I can always store it up for later use. I am just in there these days for the kills and there were a lot of them, over 380 today alone, over 350 yesterday :). The other battles were total losses, no coordination, no teamwork, a lot of AFK, although I am happy to see people are taking an interest in reporting them and a couple people asked me where I got the mod I was using to report the leeches. I was more than happy to advertise it. Hopefully things will get better during the week, we will see. The daily battleground today was WSG but there was no way I was going to do it on their holiday weekend. Hopefully tomorrow's daily battleground will be Alterac Valley.


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