Sunday, August 24, 2008

Battlegrounds 8/23/08

Today's daily battleground was Warsong Gulch. I did it on Wranngar and it took me 4 battles before I got it done. I had 3 crap groups in a row before I finally got one that knew what they were doing and were decently geared. In the first 3 groups it seemed like they were there farming kills which is stupid, you go into AV to farm kills, not WSG, but they were all in the middle and when the Horde had our flag in their base I was the only one that went after it. There was also no defense on our side either. Finally in the 4th group we had good defense and good offense. On the one occasion where the Horde actually got our flag into their base we got it back right away. I did one more after that, another loss. I only need 9 more marks from there to get maxed out at 100 and I can't wait, then I can put that place behind me for awhile. I only need 10 more marks from AB before I am maxed out there too, that will be a relief. After that I did one AV, it was a loss and all I could stand. Stupidity was running rampant. The Alliance took SHGY at the start and held it almost to the end. Of course that caused a turtle and loss as it always does. There is no getting through to people I guess and this seems to be an act of stupidity that is there to stay as it is happening almost constantly lately. Maybe I will start another character instead of wasting my time in battlegrounds until people smarten up and start leaving SHGY alone. As usual the Alliance was plagued with AFK too.


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