Thursday, August 7, 2008

Battlegrounds 8/6/08

I fought in 5 battles today on Wranngar, 1 WSG which was the daily I never completed and 4 AV, 3 wins and one loss. In WSG the group I was in was so bad I just gave up and stopped trying to run the flag. I picked it up 4 times and made it all the way back to our flag room twice but there was no support and the thing that finally made me give up was when I was hiding on our roof with the flag, the Horde had our flag in their base and no one was going after it. In AV we did really good in 3 of them, won quick and easy but the forth one someone took SHGY and then the Alliance held onto it for the long slow turtle to loss. The Alliance will never learn about SHGY it seems, just like they will never learn about going for Galv at the start. Anyway I am about 8,000 honor away from a new belt I want to get. After the battlegrounds I helped a level 15 druid get to 16 and start their water form quests.


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