Saturday, September 6, 2008

Daily Fishing 9/6/08

The daily fishing was Crocolisks in the City, I got it done on Wranngar. I had tried earlier and, after 33 casts, had no luck but when I logged back on I got my Baby Crocolisk on the first cast. I fish for these right in the canal outside the Mage District in Stormwind. It is a pretty easy quest and one that can be done by someone with a lower fishing skill. When I turned it in to Old Man Barlo, (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest for my Bag of Fishing Treasures I got 7g41s60c, 3 Elixirs of Water Walking and a Razor Sharp Fillet Knife which I sold to a vendor for 4g28s. I put the Elixir's in the guild vault. Nothing great today but I will keep plugging away for the good stuff.


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