Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sons of Hodir 3/8/09

I did some quests for the Sons of Hodir on Wranngar today and got my reputation from unfriendly to neutral to 1/3 of the way through friendly. I started doing daily's for them. I did a bunch of other quests along with my usual daily's and altogether made a little over 600 gold. That is good because I need it to restock my gold supplies. I have been spending but not taking anything in so I was getting low. I did all my Knights of the Ebon Blade daily's, they are: From Their Corpses, Rise!, No Fly Zone, Intelligence Gathering, Leave Our Mark, Shoot 'Em Up and Vile Like Fire!. These don't take too long with the exception of Intelligence Gathering which had me there again long after I had finished the other two quests in Onslaught Harbor. I did Overstock in the Storm Peaks for around 13 gold. I will post the names of the daily's I am doing for the Sons of Hodir tomorrow, I forgot to write them down today. Update: I have an updated post that explains how to go from hated to friendly and unlock the Sons of Hodir daily's. You can find it here Unlocking The Sons of Hodir Daily's.

The daily cooking today was Sewer Stew so I headed down to Crystalsong Forest to pick some Crystalsong Carrots. I got the 4 I needed and as I had already gone to the guild bank and got 4 Chilled Meat I cooked up my Sewer Stew on the spot using a fire someone else made. I turned that in and got a Dalaran Cooking Award, 9g93s and a Small Spice Bag which only had 2 Northern Spices in it :(. I am a little bummed out that I am down to one Dalaran Cooking Award a day now. I spent that one on 10 Northern Spices and put them in the guild bank along with the 2 I got today giving me a total of 199.

I did a lot of fishing today. I was fishing in the Underbelly, Ironforge and then Nagrand when I did the daily fishing. I was fishing in the Underbelly trying to catch a Giant Sewer Rat for the achievement I Smell A Giant Rat but mostly I want the pet. I was fishing in Ironforge trying to complete the achievement Old Ironjaw. There was a level 80 undead priest fishing there too. He was flagged because you automatically get flagged when you are in one of the opposite factions cities. I left him alone because he was only trying to get the achievement Old Ironjaw just like I was and I am going to have to go into Orgrimarr soon to complete one of the fishing quests myself. The daily fishing quest from Old Man Barlo, (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest was The One That Got Away. That had me heading over to Lake Sunspring (34,43) in Nagrand to catch the World's Largest Mudfish. It took me 21 casts but I finally got it. I turned that back in to Old Man Barlo for a Bag of Fishing Treasures. Today my Bag of Fishing Treasures had 7g49s33c, 6 Sharpened Fish Hooks and a Beautiful Glass Eye, which I sold to a vendor for 18 gold. I also did some fishing in Northrend for supplies.

Today's daily battleground was Alterac Valley. I decided not to do it because of the problem in AV lately. I did some EoS instead. I fought in 7 battles, 4 wins and 3 losses. We were doing much better in the morning. The first battle I was in I thought was going to be a loss. We were over 600 points behind when we finally started working together. We went on to win that one by less than 100 points. We won the next 3 in pretty much the same fashion, a long hard battle. Then the groups changed and we ended up with groups full of flagtards, people who go for the flag and don't worry about getting or defending towers. They will be going for the flag when we don't even have a tower to bring it to. We lost the alast 3 I was in then I decided to give up.


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