Saturday, December 4, 2010


First off I would like to state I hate mining. It is one of Breeonna's primary professions. Why would I make a primary profession that I hate? Because there is a lot of gold in mining. If you don't have another profession that uses ore then it is a gathering skill and pure profit.

A couple days ago I looked at Breeonna's mining skill and saw it was at 91. That is because I hate mining and could never bring myself to do it. I decided I would either have to get rid of mining or level it up. I decided to try and level it up. In the course of a couple days I have brought my mining from 91 to 425. I am now mining Cobalt Ore in Northrend and making a lot of gold in the process. I have made about 1,000 gold so far. I just got my 425th point and now I am heading over to Sholazar Basin to mine Saronite Ore. From what I have read online, Sholazar Basin is the best place to mine for it. I have mined some Saronite Ore in some of the dungeons I have been through, but not enough to get a full stack to sell yet.


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