Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Can't I Fly In Azeroth?

Everything was going pretty good, I got Breeonna to 85 and started working on Brieanna. Everything was fine for a little while, then I lost the ability to fly in Azeroth. I can fly on all my other toons, just not Brieanna. Needless to say, that is putting a damper on my ability to quest. Brieanna is 82 and should be questing in Deepholm. I did all the quests there that I can from the ground but you need to be able to fly to get up on the shelfs for the other quests.

I have had a ticket in for 2 days now with no end in sight. This is keeping me questing in Hyjal and Vashj'ir where you don't need to fly too much although it is very helpful. I deleted my WTF, Cache and Interface folders but that didn't help so now I wait...


Jamin1993 said...

Ah, that's one hell of a bug :(

Have you checked the forums and made a post on their? Maybe your not the only one,

Good luck finding a solution,


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