Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gearing Wranngar - 3/29/11

I have been working on getting my Druid Wranngar geared up the last few days. When I started working on him again on Saturday he was level 83 and his item level was 292. I got him to 85 on Saturday and as of Tuesday his item level is 338.

I have been running a lot of normal dungeons for gear and justice points and also did a BoT trash run on him where I won Dragonwreck Throwing Axe on a raid roll. I have that on the auction house now and plan to buy some 359 crafted gear when it sells.

I have been doing daily quests for Therazane, Baradin's Wardens and the Wildhammer Clan to get rep so I can buy gear from them. I have the tabards for all the factions except Baradin's Wardens, who don't have a tabard, and Hyjal who aren't even on my reputation list yet. That is ok though, Hyjal doesn't have anything I need at this point so I will level up my rep with them last.

Therazane has the top of the line Cata shoulder chants so getting rep up with them is a must. Wildhammer Clan has a pair of 359 gloves I am working towards and Earthen Ring has the 359 agility ring I have on my Hunter Brieanna, I am going to need that for Wranngar too. I gave up running GB over and over again to get the ring, I am now revered with Therazane and got the 346 ring they have instead. It is a better ring anyway.

Like I said, I will be starting heroics soon, maybe even today, to update my 333 gear with 346 gear. I will be queuing into heroic Lost City and Halls of Origination every day until I get everything I need out of those two. Once I get my item level and dps up a little more I will be queuing into Grim Batol to get the trinket out of there. I will also be getting the 359 trinket from Baradin's Wardens as soon as I have enough Commendations and my rep is exalted so maybe I won't have to do too many GB runs.


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