Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Viewless Wings

After I completed my random daily heroic yesterday I was able to buy my new cloak, Viewless Wings, for my Hunter Brieanna. It cost me 1250 Valor Points but is worth it. It kicked up my stats a little and is my sixth piece of 359 gear on her. I am thinking about getting either the ring or a trinket next.

We are planning on trying another raid this weekend, hopefully everyone will be ready and not saved. Last weekends planned raid on Baradin Hold didn't go so well as one person had to leave, one person couldn't make it at the last minute, one person was saved and the list goes on and on. It is pretty disappointing when you wait all week for it then all these little avoidable problems occur and you find out you wasted a half an hour and a flask for nothing. I believe Baradin Hold is the shortest raid with only one boss.

Another thing that is a problem is people wearing PvP gear and not having all their equipment up to speed. I inspected a few people and they were missing chants, gems and had PvP gear on. PvP (Player versus Player) gear is for what the name says, PvP. PvE gear (Player versus Environment) gear is for dungeons and raiding. If there was no difference there wouldn't be two different types of gear would there? People have been told repeatedly that PvP gear is not allowed and they still wear it to raids. I guess what this rant boils down to is we do not have a core 10 man team.

Personally I think we should just do some BoT trash farming this weekend to get everyone working together on the same page, get everyone used to working together as a team. I will bring it up again and see what happens. I will be watching the videos of Blackwing Descent, as that is the one we are thinking about trying this coming weekend, and post the links to guild chant so everyone will have the opportunity to know the fights. I would like to at least get the first boss down in one of these raids, any boss, any raid.


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