Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gomorra - 525 Tailoring

I worked on Gomorra's Tailoring and got it maxed at 525. I was selling what I was making on the auction house so I recovered the gold I had to spend on mats and actually came out a little ahead. That makes four out of five of my level 85 characters that have both their professions maxed at 525.

Now I have to make Dreamcloth to buy the patterns. The Dreamcloth takes 30 Volatiles each piece which seems like an awful lot. Then each epic pattern costs you one piece of Dreamcloth to purchase. Of course after you purchase the pattern you need Dreamcloth to make the item. No wonder the epic cloth pieces go for so much on the auction house.

There are six different patterns to make Dreamcloth and five of them have a 7 day cool down. The sixth one uses 5 Chaos Orbs and doesn't have a cool down but who has that many orbs to throw away? They all take eight bolts of Embersilk cloth and the five that don't use the Chaos Orbs take 30 volatiles each. Dreamcloth is BoP (Bind on Pickup) so you can not buy or sell it.

You also need Chaos Orbs to make the epic 359 items.


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