Friday, April 8, 2011

Magmaw 10 Man Raid Tonight

Tonight we will be attempting Magmaw 10 man in Blackwing Descent. We tried it last weekend and almost got him down but ran out of time because we attempted Bastion of Twilight 10 man first and that ate up over an hour of our time.

We schedule 2 hours for our raids, 10 am until noon server time on Saturday which is 7-9 pm Friday for me. We have not had any luck at all on the first boss of BoT, after a couple attempts, and hopefully will not attempt it again until we have our core raid team together and have done a couple other raid bosses to get used to working together. We have also scheduled Baradin Hold in the past but that is dependent on the Alliance having control of the hold and that has not always been the case in the past. That is a one boss raid and would be nice to get out of the way but like I said, it is dependent on the Alliance having control of Baradin Hold.

Hopefully we will have a full 10 man raid group ready and waiting and can head right over there at 10:00 am server time to start our raid. Some of the problems we have encountered in the past are people signing up and not showing up on time if at all. People showing up in PvP gear. People not chanted or gemmed correctly or missing glyphs. I believe we have those people weeded/straightened out. I will update afterward how it went.


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