Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Alterac Valley 3/31/08

I fought in 10 battles on Wranngar in Alterac Valley tonight. We had 4 wins and 6 loses. Some of the battles were pretty interesting. In the battles we lost the biggest problem seemed to be offense falling apart. One of the battles we got FWGY & FWRH but nobody got TP & IBT so when it came time to kill Drek we didn't have enough offense to take on him and 2 Warmasters. The ones we did win we rushed to FWGY, then some went to FWRH while some went back and capped TP & IBT then got Galv. In one battle the Horde turtled and we won on reinforcements and in another we turtled and Horde won on reinforcements. In the 8th battle we summoned Ivus the Forest Lord. It has been a LONG time since I saw him. We won that battle. I will have more images and some video in the future. I got my trinket tonight too :) Battlemaster's Determination. 30,000 honor and 40 AV Marks of Honor. Now I need to get the other one Battlemaster's Cruelty for another 30,000 honor and 40 more AV Marks. I will be back in the battlegrounds tonight after I do my daily's in Shattered Sun Staging Area.


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