Monday, March 31, 2008

Alterac Valley 3/30/08

Had Wranngar in 19 battles in AV today. 8 wins and 11 losses. It was my daily. In the majority of the games we lost we were able to cap all the towers and get Galv but lost at the finish line. One battle we lost 0 reinforcements to 10 reinforcements. The strategy that seems to be working best right now is to rush FWGY and then split and have the majority go to FWRH to get that and the towers capping while some work back to meet up with the people that rez'd at Dun Baldor. They can then take Tower Point, Iceblood Tower and Galv if we have time or need reinforcements. It seems to always be a good idea to get Snowfall Graveyard too. Iceblood Graveyard is good to have too but the Horde really guard it at the start so it seems better to ride right through and get FWGY. Of course these strategies only work if EVERYONE follows the plan. The problems usually start when people break off into groups and got after different objectives instead of concentrating on one. All in all I got a lot of honor out of it towards my trinket.


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