Monday, March 31, 2008

Alterac Valley - 3/18/08

Played Wranngar in 5 AV's tonight. Alliance had 1 win and 4 losses. The biggest problem was everyone defending Stonehearth Graveyard. Stonehearth Graveyard is a good spot to defend at the start of the game to slow the Horde down but people need to move forward from there and capture other objectives. As usually happens the majority of the people stayed at Stonehearth and defended that. This resulted in a turtle and the horde beat us on resources in 2 games.

In the other 2 games we lost we had a good offense going but with not enough people. We captured Iceblood & Frostwolf Graveyards, and were in the process of capping the Frostwolf east & west towers, when we ran out of resources in one game and the Horde killed Vann in the other.

In the game we won we had a large strong offense that went directly to Frostwolf Graveyard and capped that. We moved forward to the towers and Frostwolf relief hut. The people that were killed in the initial run to Frostwolf Graveyard came along after and capped Iceblood Tower and Tower Point along with killing Galv.

The strategies I have seen work most often are when the Alliance stay together in one group and assault either Iceblood Graveyard or Frostwolf Graveyard.

When assaulting Iceblood Graveyard it is important for everyone to ride up to the flag before dismounting to fight. We are trying to capture Iceblood Graveyard, not the road to Iceblood Graveyard. It is important to wait until it caps before moving onto Iceblood Tower, Tower Point and Galv. The biggest mistake that Alliance makes, and makes a lot, is moving on to the towers and leaving only one or two people to defend Iceblood Graveyard. The Horde realize this is an important graveyard and will mount an attack to get it back. With only one or two people defending that graveyard is usually lost. Once Iceblood Graveyard caps move on to the towers and Galv while sending people (there should be a good size offense by now) ahead to capture Frostwolf Graveyard. I think Frostwolf Graveyard is important because it keeps the Horde from resurrecting too close when they are trying to defend Drek'Thar at the end. After assaulting Frostwolf Graveyard send some forward to towers and Frostwolf Relief Hut while leaving a few behind to guard Frostwolf Graveyard. After Relief Hut and Towers cap, take out Drek :)

When assaulting Frostwolf Graveyard it is important to leave a good group behind to defend it while moving on to the East & West Towers and Frostwolf Relief Hut. Once Frostwolf Graveyard caps send some people back to capture Tower Point and Iceblood Tower. They can group up after towers cap and kill Galv. After Relief Hut and Towers cap, take out Drek :)

Those are the strategies I have seen work most often. I have never seen turtling at Stonehearth Graveyard result in a win.

Snowfall Graveyard is also an important Graveyard to control in the beginning of the game to keep everyone that gets killed forward from resurrecting back at Stormpike Graveyard.


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