Monday, March 31, 2008

Alterac Valley

Anyone who has played in Alterac Vally has to admit it is a little unbalanced in the Hordes favor. For starters the Horde start closer to their end objective than the Alliance. This is going to be changed in the 2.4 patch. The Horde will be starting back behind Frostwolf Keep like Alliance start behind Dun Baldar.

The next problem with Alterac Valley is the bottle neck at Icewing Bunker. When the Horde is in possesion of Stonehearth Graveyard they can effectively hold the Alliance from progressing past Icewing Bunker. The Horde resurrect at Stonehearth while the Alliance get sent back to Stormpike Graveyard to resurrect , quite a distance further from Icewing Bunker than Stonehearth Graveyard.

The Objective of winning in Alterac Valley boils down to holding/capturing resources and/or killing the opposing factions Commander.

The biggest problem the Alliance have in Alterac Valley is their inability to work together as a team. In 9 out of 10 battles I have been in, the Alliance players break off into small groups or single people going after multiple objectives while the Horde travel in a large group, going for a single objective, overtaking and defeating the smaller groups of Alliance. The Horde keeping in a larger organized group usually have no problem capturing their objectives and defeating the Alliance in Alterac Valley. In the battles I have been in when the Alliance has banded together and worked toward a common goal they usually come out victorious or at least obtain the majority of their objectives.

I will have future posts on strategies, both proven and theory, to help the Alliance win in Alterac Valley.

I look forward to hearing from Horde players about their opinions, comments and strategies for Alterac Valley.


DragonParadox said...

Preform AV Enabler is a nice way for Hordies to win if they could band together to make a more productive team that, and with the right leadership, could actually win AV more often than lose.

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