Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alterac Valley 4/27/08

I fought in 6 AV's today on Wranngar. We were doing pretty good, we had 5 wins and 1 loss. Some of the battles we close but we pulled it off by killing Drek. We didn't win any on reinforcements today, got them all by downing Drek. We used a couple different tactics today, one was rush FWGY while capping towers and get Galv after towers cap. Another one that was working was rush IBGY, cap towers, get Galv and then move on to FWGY, FWRH, Towers and Drek. We also did one rush FWRH that actually worked but it seems to be mostly luck when that one works. Usually TP & IBT never get capped so we are looking at tanking Drek with 2 towers up. But this time it worked great, some stopped off and got the towers on the way, we rushed FWRH, got the FW Towers and moved on to Drek. The game we lost was a classic Alliance turtle at Dun Baldar. You can't win them all but I was very impressed with how the Alliance was playing today, both in AV & EoS.


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