Sunday, April 27, 2008

Battlegrounds 4/26/08

I did a bunch of battles in AV and WSG today. I did them on Wranngar. I had to do 6 WSG before we finally got a win and I could get my daily done. I was doing AV in between and after WSG. I fought in 17 battles, 5 wins and 12 losses. Definitely not a good day for the Alliance. We won 2 of our battles on reinforcements and the rest we won by killing Drek. Getting Galv first was tried too many times and it just doesn't work but people keep doing it anyway. It is AV weekend this weekend so all the weekend warriors are out in the battlegrounds for the extra honor. Some of the battles were pretty good, a lot of good fighting. I tanked Drek in one of our wins but didn't have good heals. I died the first time when he was around 60%, rezz'd at FWRH, came back in and he was at 43% so I started tanking him again and we got him to under 10% before he killed me again. They finished him off before I rezz'd. I am surprised how many people are calling for rushing Drek. They want all 40 to ride to Drek and zerg him. That is how it was done pre-2.3. Now with the towers and reinforcements it's just not possible. A couple strats that seem to be working are rush IBGY and rush FWGY. As usual when rushing FWGY the Alliance never leave enough people to defend it so we end up losing it. We lose it almost every time but people never learn. FWGY needs to be defended because the Horde will always come back for it.


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