Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alterac Valley II 4/28/08

I went back for a little more AV on Wranngar. I fought in 4 more battles and we won 2 and lost 2. The last one I was in was a loss. There was no teamwork, some people went for the rush FWGY plan and some went for the rush IBGY plan and some just went to Galv but not really enough went to any one place. It was mayhem. We managed to get IBGY after awhile and eventually FWGY which we held for a little while then lost. The other loss we were trying but just ran out of time when the Horde killed Vann. We had 1 tower still up and we starting on Drek when they killed him. In the two wins we had one was using the rush FWGY strat and one was using the rush IBGY start, both seem to work well. I have heard the rush FWRH strat called for a few times but no one does that too much anymore for the simple reason it doesn't work that often. In our second win we had all the towers down, but FWRH hadn't capped yet, and we killed Drek, it went pretty smooth. That was the battle where we rushed IBGY. After we claimed that we went on to cap IBT & TP then get Galv. Others went ahead and got FWGY, FWRH and the Frostwolf Towers. In our first battle we rushed the FWGY but also managed to pick up IBGY along the way. IBT & TP got capped pretty quick while we were capping the FWRH and the East & West Frostwolf Towers. We ended up taking Drek with the East Tower still up but we had FWRH and did it without any real problems. One extra Warmaster +25% more health to Drek isn't too bad if you have a good offensive team. Heck he's really not that hard to take down with 2 Warmasters and +50% health with a good offensive team and good heals.


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