Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Alterac Valley 4/29/08

I did 10 battles on Wranngar today, Axeelina was in 2 of them with me. We won 5 and lost 5. I guess 50% is not bad compared to some of the days I've had in AV. I can't believe that there are still people calling for rushing Drek and kill him. No towers, nothing, just rush down there and kill him..... That doesn't work anymore which should give you an idea how long it has been since these people have been in an AV battle. We actually had a battle where everyone went and did Galv first and we won! It actually went pretty smooth. We got Galv then stormed IBT, IBGY and TP pretty much running right over the Horde, we drove them into the ground :). We moved up and overpowered the defense at FWGY, still moving in a large group, and then went into Frostwolf Keep and took the relief hut and towers. After that it was a simple matter of downing Drek when the towers capped. I guess this proves that pretty much any reasonable plan will work if everyone works together on it. A couple of the ones we lost we had most the towers capped and were on Drek but not fast enough, the Horde downed Vann. A couple we lost from turtling SHGY and/or DB. I can never understand the defend SHGY with everything you got and give them DB strat, it just doesn't make sense to me. On our other wins we rushed either FWGY or IBGY and worked forward from there, got the towers and Drek. We didn't win any of our battles on reinforcements today.


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