Monday, April 28, 2008

Alterac Valley Round II 4/27/08

I went back in on Wranngar and fought in 4 more battles in Alterac Valley tonight. We had 1 win and 3 losses. Quite a change from earlier but that's how it goes. You need to catch it at the right time of day with the right people on and it goes a lot smoother. The last battle I was in was a complete turtle in Dun Baldar. One of the other battles I got in half way through and they were pretty well bottled up in DB. I went forward and helped capture IBT for a little honor anyway. We got IBGY too not that it did any good, it was all over shortly after that. In the other battle we lost we were on Drek with one tower still up and the Horde were on Vann with one tower still up. They got Vann down before we could get Drek down. In the one we ended up winning we rushed FWRH and got those towers and FWGY while others behind got IBGY, IBT and TP. We had some pretty good defense going and could wait for the towers to come down before we took down Drek. When we had everything capped we went in and took out Drek, it went smooth and easy with no Warmaster's or Horde in there to interfere.


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