Monday, April 28, 2008

Alterac Valley 4/28/08

I went into AV and fought in 4 battles on Wranngar, all losses. One was a turtle in Dun Baldar and another was a turtle of Stonehearth GY. The other 2 were a little closer. In one we were on Drek when the Horde killed Vann. We had Drek at about 47% when they killed Vann. In the other battle, the last one I was in, we had IBT, TP and IBGY capped, had just capped FW West Tower and were in the process of capping the East when the Horde killed Vann. Not a very good day for the Alliance in AV, at least not in the battles I was in. Yesterday I picked up Gladiator's Idol of Tenacity for Wranngar. I will use that mostly for PvE and use Gladiator's Idol of Resolve for PvP.


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