Sunday, April 20, 2008

Battlegrounds 4/19/08

The Alliance is doing really bad in the battlegrounds lately :(. I did one AV to get my daily from yesterday out of the way. We won that one but I don't know how. We rushed FWGY, at least some of us did, but we didn't have enough to hold it after we claimed it and the Horde took it back. We all ended up back at DB. We went forward from there and it was starting to look good then someone took SH, after that it went downhill. We managed to get 2 towers and Galv and won in the end on reinforcements. The Horde were only able to get one tower and I am not sure if they got Balinda or not. I then went on to do four AB's and we lost every one of those. We didn't even have a close one. It was the usual lack of teamwork, people spreading out and not defending what we had. At the start of most of the battles it was looking good, we would go out and cap 3 or 4 nodes but nobody was defending them so we lost them. It looked like, in most of the battles, that everyone was trying to go for a 5 cap when, in the end, the team wasn't good enough to hold more than one. In the last battle we even lost that and the Horde had a 5 cap :(. I think the best battle we had we held 2 nodes for the whole battle. It can only get better right?


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