Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daily Battleground 4/12/08

It turns out that daily battleground was AV today. I know I said I wasn't going into AV again until the battleground weekend was over but I decided to give the daily a shot. I did it on Wranngar. I got lucky and we won the first one I was in. The plan was rush FWRH and it actually worked although it was really close. We ended up killing Drek with one tower still up and the Horde were on Vann with one tower up. We were faster and got Drek down before they could kill Vann. I got 11g99s and 419 honor. I might have said 413 honor in previous posts but it is 419 honor you get from the daily battleground. Being a sucker I decided to go in again. It was the same plan but it didn't even come close to working. Only a few people rushed all the way to FWRH, some stopped at FWGY, some at IBGY and some at Galv. There were 2 people guarding FWGY, classic Alliance mistake, and they were easily overrun when the Horde came to get it back. Then the Horde moved on to wipe everyone in Frostwolf Keep and that was it, game over. Tuesday the battleground weekend will be over and I can get back to AV.


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