Saturday, April 12, 2008

Battlegrounds 4/12/08

I fought in 6 AV's with Wranngar today. 3 wins, 3 losses. I am done with AV until AV battleground weekend is over. There are up to 10 people AFK per battle and the most of the rest have no idea what they are doing, they are just there for the extra honor. 2 of the losses the Alliance turtled in Dun Baldar, and in the other the plan was to rush FWRH which works about 1 out of 10 times from what I see. Someone said the last battle would take hours, that should give you some idea how long it has been since they were in AV. With the reinforcements a battle that lasts 45 minutes is a long one. I think 2 out of 3 of the losses people went for Galv first. Even when everyone is telling them it won't work they are still going ahead and doing it. The really sad part is they will do the same thing in the next battle too. It's like no one cares anymore. The way it was set up before 2.4 it was really hard to win, now we could win every time if everyone worked together and followed one of the proven plans but the alliance has a really hard time working together. Going for Galv first when the Horde are defending IBGY and IBT is suicide because they pour into Galv's room and make sure you wipe. In one battle the plan was to rush FWGY, good plan, but at least 20 people went Galv and got wiped by the Horde then they said "See rushing FWGY doesn't work". Well if those 20 people had followed the plan and rushed FWGY it would have worked. It's called teamwork. Anyway when AV weekend is over and all the weekend warriors are gone I will go back in and hopefully we will be winning again.


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