Saturday, April 12, 2008

Battlegrounds 4/11/08

I did one Eye of the Storm on Wranngar. Axeelina was in that one with me too. We wanted to do something other than AV for a change. We won that one too by capping DR, MT & FRR, holding them and running the flag. After that we did some AV. The Alliance is still doing pretty bad in AV for some reason, about a 33% win rate. Axeelina was in 3 of them with me, 1 win and 2 losses. I did 18 total on Wranngar with 6 wins and 12 losses. There seems to be a "new" winning strategy people are pushing and that is rush FWRH. The reason that doesn't work is they want everyone to rush to FWRH, cap it, then kill Drek. One person said he won 9 games in a row doing this today. I don't believe it. The main problem with doing this is the towers are still up. If you have been following my posts you will know that each tower represents a Warmaster and +25% health for Drek. So by rushing FWRH and then killing Drek you are taking on Drek at 200% health with 4 Warmasters in the room with him. It is possible with all 40 people there I guess but not likely. The second problem with this is without FWGY the Horde are rezzing too close to Frostwolf Keep when they are defending Drek and there is just a constant flow of Horde coming into Forstwolf Keep. No, the strategy that is still working, when people follow the simple plan, is rush FWGY, capping Tower Point and Iceblood Tower on the way, and getting Drek after towers cap, then move in to FWRH after FWGY is secure and getting the towers. Then, with the 4 towers down, you can take on Drek at 100% health and no Warmasters. Not sure why the Alliance stopped doing that when it was working. The other thing that is a problem is not leaving enough people to guard FWGY. The Horde are coming back and reclaiming it about 7 out of 10 times because it is poorly guarded. You would think people would learn from this but they are not. As a matter of fact it seems the Alliance is not learning from any of their mistakes as they keep making the same one's over and over. In all 6 of our wins we rushed FWGY, although we did also capture IBGY a couple of those times, got the towers and Galv on the way, moved up to FWRH, Towers and killed Drek. In about 3/4 of the Horde wins they won on reinforcements. Another big problem is it is AV weekend so we are getting all the weekend warriors and a lot of AFK, roughly 6 or 7 a battle.


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