Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daily's 4/11/08

I made some serious gold on Wranngar and Gomorra today doing the daily's. I did most of them with Axeelina and another friend Heimdahl. I did my usual quests in Outlands, Gaining the Advantage, Blood for Blood and Blast the Gateway plus Ata'mal Armaments in Shadowmoon Valley and a new one called The Multiphase Survey in Nagrand. I also did my Shattered Sun Staging Area quests, Arm the Wards!, Further Conversions, The Battle Must Go On, Taking the Harbor, Making Ready, Know Your Key Lines, The Air Strikes Must Continue and Intercept the Reinforcements. I did most of these quests on both my 70's and made a combined 308g52s. Not bad for a couple hours :). I am going to try to do these quests on both characters every day, lol we'll see how that works out. And I still have about a dozen daily's I can do on each of them if I choose to but I like the battlegrounds and daily's take away from my battleground time :).


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