Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wranngar AV 4/8/08

I found 4 quests at the entrance to the Alterac Valley instance that I never did on Wranngar. They were: Alterac Valley Graveyards, Capture a Mine, Towers and Bunkers and The Battle of Alterac. I'm not sure why I never did them but I got them done today. I got 11g99s each for the first 3 and 24g60s for the last one. Alliance had another really bad day in AV again. I was in 10 battles today and we only won 2. A few of the battles that we lost were close but for the most part it was a lack of teamwork and coordination on the part of the Alliance. Turtling is a problem as well as the number of people we have AFK every battle. I think we had 3 battles where we got zero honor. The first one we won we did a really good job in and won by a landslide. The second one we won we won by 16 reinforcements. Those were the second and tenth battles. In the last battle the Alliance turtled at SH for a long time then all of a sudden charged out and claimed IBGY. Once we had that we got TP & IBT then Galv. I went and captured Coldtooth Mine for reinforcements. Then it boiled down to reinforcements and we finally won with 16 reinforcements left. Hey, a win is a win :). I was trying to get my last trinket today, Battlemaster's Cruelty, but fell short by less than 700 honor :(. I will definitely get it tomorrow then I will start working on getting an Alliance Battle Standard. I have both the Stormpike Battle Standard and Alliance Battle Standard on Gomorra.


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