Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daily Battleground 4/8/08

The Daily battleground today was Eye of the Storm. I did it on Wranngar with Axeelina. I was in Growless Cave at the entrance to the instance for Alterac Valley when I entered EoS, Axeelina entered us as a group from Shattrath City, then I realized I didn't have the quest. We won that one. When we got out I was in Shattrath so I got the quest and we did it again, another win. In the first battle we held 2 towers for the whole battle and a 3rd tower for about half the battle. Along with that we captured the flag a few times for the win. In the second battle we did pretty much the same thing but with only 2 towers throughout the battle. We captured the flag a lot in that battle for the win. I got 11g99s and 413 honor for the daily.


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