Monday, April 7, 2008

Wranngar AV 4/7/08

I played Wranngar in 5 AV's today, 5 losses.... I broke 25,000 lifetime kills on Wranngar today :). The Alliance were having a really bad day. The first one was a pretty good battle. The Horde rushed Dun Baldar right from the start. We got TP, IBT, FWGY,IBGY and Galv but when we got to Frostwolf Keep the Horde were defending it pretty heavily. We had a huge battle there that went on for awhile with neither side giving any ground. Unfortunately the Horde had the jump on us from their rush to DB and killed Vann. The third battle was the only other good one. We had 3 towers and were waiting for the fourth to cap, Horde had three towers. We had to go for Drek with only 3 towers down, which would put him at 125% health with a Warmaster with him, because the Horde went for Vann. The Horde got Vann down before we could get Drek down. The other three battles were all lost because of carelessness, lack of teamwork and turtling. All and all a pretty sad day for the Alliance.


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