Monday, May 19, 2008

Alterac Valley - Wranngar 5/19/08

I fought in 4 battles in Alterac Valley on Wranngar tonight. We won the first 2 and lost the last 2. In the first 2 we had a good group and dominated, in one of the last 2, I got in about 3/4 of the way through the battle, our group wasn't as good but we still did pretty good. In the first 2 battles the plan was to rush FWRH and we did, capping IBT and TP on the way. We didn't get Galv in either of our wins nor did we get him in our losses. We got all 4 towers capped and took down Drek no problem. In our first loss we made it all the way to FWRH but there was no real organization. We had IBT and TP in both battles but didn't get the Frostwolf Towers capped before the Horde killed Vann. I will probably go back in a little later and do a couple more.


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