Monday, May 19, 2008

Westfall 5/19/08

The Horde were attacking Westfall today so I went there and got some kills. I went on Wranngar and when I got to Sentinel Hill I saw about 6 flagged Horde ranging in level from 60 to 70. There were 2 70's, a Mage and a Hunter. I grouped with a 70 Hunter and a 61 Paladin and waited for an opportunity. The opportunity came when they decided to attack the Flight Master. The Flight Master has Elite Gryphon's that protect him and while they were busy with them we attacked, we killed them all. Then when they rezz'd we killed them again. After they rezz'd and died a couple times they stopped rezzing and waited until they were unflagged for PvP. I stuck around after that and had the pleasure of killing a 70 Priest twice and a 70 Hunter twice a little later on. The Hunter got away a couple times, he ice trapped me and ran away. Horde do a lot of running away both in and out of the battlegrounds. Once he realized his only option there was to die he disappeared. After that I tanked for a group in Dead Mines lol, little bit of overkill with a 70 in Dead Mines. We were racing the server shut down and it was the fastest Dead mines run I have ever done. We made it all the way through with about a minute to spare. Altogether I got 9 kills in Westfall. I got my first kill ever on Gomorra in Westfall.


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