Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daily's 5/27/08

I did all my Shattered Sun daily's on Wranngar today. I did them with a friend, Janvryn. We were able to burn through them pretty quick, took me less than my usual 45 minutes or so. I made about 110 gold doing them. I really didn't have any time to do any more so I will have to make sure I get on them early tomorrow and try to get more done. I did take a little time and got on Gomorra to make Wranngar another 20 slot Primal Mooncloth Bag. Now I have 2 on him and only need 2 more :).

I went back later and did all the Shattered Sun daily's on Gomorra. Took me about 45 minutes and I made another 110 gold or so :).


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