Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/26/08

I fought in 11 AV's today on Wranngar, 4 wins and 7 losses. Overall we did pretty good with everyone working together for the most part and only turtled once. We lost the majority on reinforcements which is how we usually lose although the Horde did kill Vann a few times. I tried to tank Drek in a couple of the battles we won but we didn't have any heals at Frostwolf so it was just a matter of DPSing him down. That seems to be where the Alliance fails a lot, when it comes to planning and organization. The Horde seem to be pretty well organized and that is why they win so often. We also had at least 2 battles where people went for Galv first and that is an almost guaranteed loss right there. The daily battleground today was AB again but as it is AB weekend I decided not to do it. Of course the AFKers are still a major problem as Blizzard is still failing to handle that situation in any type of manner that could be called acceptable.


Kevin said...

This is the same thing you see within our battle group only in reverse. The horde are disorganized and lose the majority of the AV's there. I play on Maiev with a few 70's there and since the end of last year we have gone from domination of AV to total self destruction. It seems that you cannot get anyone to realize that there are objectives and how they work to helping you win. It is rather sad, but seems it is frustrating to be a horde or ally depending on what battle group you play in.

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