Saturday, May 3, 2008

Halaa 5/2/08

I was in Nagrand tonight on Wranngar farming leather from Clefthoof Bull's when the Horde decided to attack Halaa. I decided to join in defending and get some Halaa Battle Token's. That was a lot of fun. I got 12 kills and 10 tokens. I wasn't in the raid group for the first 2 so I didn't get any tokens. There were a few Horde milling around but most of them weren't flagged, the ones that were didn't last long :). I was sitting flagged in the middle of a group of 3 or 4 Horde that weren't flagged when a 70 Tauren hunter landed and decided to attack me. In typical Horde fashion after he took a shot at me a 65 Blood Elf hunter decided to join in. I figured the rest of them would too and it would be all over for me fast but they didn't, it was just me and the 2 hunters and their 2 pets. I killed the 70 first, it was too easy, he must have been wearing all greens, maybe a couple whites. The 2 of them shooting me with arrows and their pets on me only got me down to about 60% by the time I killed the 70. I took out the 65 in 3 shots and came out of it with 45% of my health left. The others just sat there and never joined in. I healed myself and calmly sat down in the middle of them to drink. By that time a couple Alliance players showed up so I wasn't in much danger anyway. Then we had a reset and when we logged back in no one had Halaa, lol, so it was all for nothing :). I had 12 kills and 0 deaths :D


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